An innovative technology investment that reduce your costs and maximise your profits


SmartMRT is the industry-leading specialist in hanger system automation for garment and home-textile manufacturing. Our user friendly computerised system allows just-in-time automatic work distribution for all kinds of textile related manufacturing processes allowing flexible production planning, ergonormical improvements and accurate data reports. Creating direct reduction in handling time, work in progress, generating optimal production output.

SmartMRT Computer


Up to 95% reduction in throughput time

Real-time management anywhere, anytime

Up to 95% reduction in throughput time

Efficientquality monitoring & control

How we are different

Seamless integration

Seamless integration

Our software is designed to seamlessly integrate with any existing ERP system. We are providing you with an integrated manufacturing system

High quality parts

High quality parts in our system

Most of our hanger system are made up of quality parts from Japan and Switzerland. Making our system a high quality machine that is built to last

Constant innovation and adaptation

Constant innovation & adaptation

Our team is always in tuned to the changes in the industry. Constantly finding ways to make our hardware and software better for you

Functions & Features

SmartMRT flexible hangers made of strong ABS plastic

Functional design

  • Various designs that are suitable for light to heavy fabrics
  • Flexible hangers made of strong ABS plastic that can withstand harsh working conditions
  • Durable, versatile, light weight aluminium structure
SmartMRT flexible computerised management and tracking

Flexible computerised management & tracking

  • Manage realtime data by using RFID technology
  • Flexible line control for quality control & production
  • Automatic line balancing
SmartMRT performance monitoring

Performance monitoring

  • Automatically records operator performance and generate payroll
  • Provides employee performance, quality control reporting & more
  • Tailored height to improve operator ergonomics