Driven by Artificial Intelligence

Single Line

Multiple Designs

SmartMRT is our single line RFID unit production hanger system that can be designed and customised according to your needs and uses. It records all stages of your production in real time. Shifting your production from manual to computerised automation allowing easy line management. This is a great way to kickstart your digitisation journey towards a Smart Factory of tomorrow.

So what can it do?

Computerised management and distribution

Single supervisor

Generate efficiency, cumulative and QC reports

manual labour

production output

integration with
your ERP add-on

View production

intuitive interface

What is so unique?

SmartMRT system

Constant innovation and upgrades

We are constantly innovating and upgrading our software and hardware capabilities to equip our clients with a competitive edge.

Built to last

Our systems are engineered with world's leading components to provide high performance and low maintenance.

Real time data management

With our software the is no longer a need for manual calculation and our system is able to be integrated with any ERP.

LCD control panels

We use touch sensor technology for our LCD keypad to improve user experience and durability.

Strong after sales service

We are committed as a service partner. Hence rest assure that we would support you even years after the purchase of our system.