SmartMRT Vertex

For smart factories of tomorrow

Philosophy of a Smart Factory

SmartMRT Vertex was designed from adapting to the needs of large well-managed corporations worldwide. Fusing our software and hardware engineering expertise to built an entire system that surrounds the philosophy of a Smart Factory.

Smart Factory

Mobile Management System

Vertex System provides a web-based solution that can be operated on any mobile devices such as tablet, smartphone and PC with a secure access to view single or global production data.

SmartMRT mobile management system

Vertex is a domain focused transformational solution based on Industry 4.0 principles like RFID Technology, IoT, AI & Cloud Computing connecting different smart devices to enabling managers and business leaders to PLAN, MANAGE and MAXIMISE
production on another level.

SmartMRT production management system PMS enterprise solution

Production Management System

PMS is an enterprise solution for garment, home textile, finishing and can customised to any production process allowing single point, multi-line management with in-built QC system, detailed real time reports and more.

So what can Vertex do?

SmartMRT Vertex computer single point control

Multi-line Single Point Control (2-5 lines)

16 detailed reports

Remote monitoring & real-time management on PC/TV dashboards

Only 1- 2 supervisors to manage up to 5 lines

Mobile tablet control

Seamless integration with your ERP system

What are the benefits of having Vertex?

Data accuracy

Able to seamlessly integrate with any ERP systems through MGIS ensuring that production data is accurately stored in ERP without manual intervention.

Better quality control

With detailed reports and real time data management, production issues can be detected fast to minimise quality control problems.

Relieves manpower crunch

With only 1-2 supervisors required to manage multi-lines, Vertex can help to relieve the manpower crunch problem.

Our Vertex system is able to address the needs and challenges faced by home textile, apparels and many other industries.